Reviving my blog

Today, maintaining a personal online space, such as a blog, has proven to be both a challenge and a necessity for many professionals. My own digital journey has mirrored this dynamic: until a few years ago, I actively managed a blog on my personal site, a space where I shared insights, studies, and updates related to the world of marketing, along with other passions of mine. However, as often happens, life’s professional and personal demands necessitated a hiatus from this endeavor, leading me to cease updating the blog due to time constraints.

Yet, I never stopped writing. My voice continued to be heard through contributions to websites, books and specialized magazines, keeping my commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences alive. Today, I have decided to reactivate my blog, revolutionizing its format and broadening its reach: it will now be available in English, the lingua franca of the digital and business world, allowing me to connect with a wider and more diverse audience.

The decision to relaunch the blog in English was not made lightly. It represents a bridge to a global audience, a way to share my reflections and discoveries with a broader community, beyond the linguistic and cultural barriers that often confine our experiences and knowledge. In embracing this global perspective, I will rely on generative AI for translations, ensuring that my ideas and concepts are accessible to a wider audience. However, the heart of the content — every concept and image — will remain authentically mine, rooted in my personal insights and creative vision.

Marketing, with its ever-evolving dynamics and constant challenges, will remain at the core of the blog’s content. This is not only because it is my field of specialization but also because it is a vibrant subject that deeply intertwines with our daily lives and societal evolutions. At the same time, the blog will also be a space to explore different themes, reflecting on how my passions intersect with the world of marketing, enriching it with new perspectives and ideas.

Reactivating my blog marks an important step in my personal because now on I will invest here part of my time. Invest time, not spend it.

marco daturi thinking at blog writing content