Marco Daturi | Testimonials

Discover the voices of my colleagues here, where their quotes and recommendations speak volumes about our shared professional journey. These testimonials, gathered over years of collaboration, reflect the dedication and positive impact we’ve cultivated together.
Each one offers a unique glimpse into our dynamic work experiences and the values that drive our success.
Thank you for exploring these personal endorsements that underscore a commitment to excellence and teamwork.

  • Alberto Kusmic | Senior Manager at EY

I rarely had come across a standout talent like Marco. We worked together for several years in a Multinational Publishing Group in Italy, and we have been keeping in touch even when our careers separated.  Loyal to his colleagues and duties, ever since we met I have appreciated his open minded approach to people and business, as well as his problem solving attitude under all circumstances. Tough worker, forward looking, one of the few that can really walk-the talk: Marco would be an asset to any team.

  • Marco Maggi | Business Development Manager Sanpellegrino

I’ve known Marco since we were kids, from the time of my studies to the first working activities without ever losing sight of us even in the recent developments of his professional activities.
What I know about him is that the desire to discover, to compete with the outside world and his determination have always led him to explore new areas and themes, perhaps different from each other, but never in a trivial or superficial way, on the contrary on the contrary, always with a scientific approach, going to “dig” the topic, the discipline or simply the hobby in an analytical and professional way until you get to discover and savor its essence, and understand them, if there is anything more to add, to discover or simply make it your own and share it with others.

  • Nickos Stafilopatis | CEO Stafilopatis

A very proffesional approach with tailor made solutions for every need.

  • Federico Soldati | CEO Pastificio Soldati

I have known Marco and the company for several years and have had the opportunity to collaborate on various projects. Pure professionalism.

  • Frédéric Szakal | President CareToCare

Passion and generosity. These are the two words that come most naturally to me to describe Marco Daturi. Marco is a man full of passions: scuba diving, photography, cooking and marketing. He has made the latter his profession, the sector in which he has been operating successfully for over thirty years now.
At a time when society and the world of marketing are evolving too rapidly, this work will be useful to all professionals and entrepreneurs who, like me, are wondering about best practices and strategic changes to be made in order to stay, but above all to be more competitive.

  • Davide Garofalo | C.E.O. Xplored

Marco is the ideal business partner. He has always been able to follow the needs of my company with strategic view, attention to details, customer care and flexibility of service. His passion for everything he does, his optimistic nature and his friendly approach complete the description of a perfect business partner.

  • Hesham Gabr | C.E.O. Camel Dive Club & Hotel

At Camel Dive Club & Hotel, we consider Marco not only a professional partner but also a friend. Marco has incredible motivation and insight when it comes to bringing the latest in digital marketing innovations to the global travel and diving community. Combined with the stunning publication ‘Scuba Zone Magazine’ and a passion for scuba diving, he has enabled us to share our goal as an industry leader, to provide outstanding services within the diving industry with great success in the Italian diving niche. We look forward to evolving our partnership for many years to come and highly recommend his work!

  • Claudio Di Manao | Writer

I have known Marco Daturi since he came to Sharm el Sheikh. At first it didn’t come for me, but for the diving. Then he started coming for me. Blame the Thistlegorm. Then I left. He kept going. I’m not jealous. In the meantime we have developed a friendship and a series of collaborations, developed ideas together. It has always remained the same. He’s a little more stressed now than when we talked to each other in our bathing suits on the boat. Talking to each other in your underwear is unique. Richard Branson received interviewers in the bathtub (I don’t know if Richard had them on). Obviously we met again (Marco and I) and we did and thought many things together. Job. But after all, even talking in my underwear on the boat was work for me. Marco is an engaging enthusiast. I have known many dreamers, but very few people who make dreams come true. Of people to trust even less. In nearly twenty years, never a disagreement, never a problem with payments or on-time deliveries. I don’t know if I should say it here, but Marco is generous, one who tends to exceed expectations. We often discussed the different points of view, on various topics, but on the practical side, on what to do, there has never been a hitch. We always had a lot of fun. And did beautiful things. All this while we were on the phone or on emails, sometimes in the pub, but not on the boat… in our underwear.

  • Dodi Telli | C.E.O. Albatros Top Boat

Reliability, professionalism, support and continuous help are the characteristics that distinguish Marco and his entire team. We can always count on them and their valuable advice. They are the perfect partner for a working collaboration.

  • Carlo Vanni | Sales Manager Cantine Rossella

Competence and professionalism. These are the characteristics that first come to mind when thinking of Marco. But there is a third which, for us, has proved to be decisive: the ability to listen.
In an era of extreme narcissism, in which “I” and “we” are the most recurring words, and in which it is increasingly difficult to really be heard, this ability becomes a rare commodity.
The world of Cantine Rossella, so articulated and rich in nuances, could not be satisfied with pre-packaged answers. Only Marco’s attentive and genuinely curious and interested listening allowed the elaboration of original, tailor-made solutions, designed exclusively for us.
This intellectually lively and all-round open approach allows Marco and his staff to operate extremely versatile.

  • Enrico Romeo | Sales Manager Head

I had the luck to work with Marco for several years: Marco is a capable, business oriented and problem-solving manager, being able to establish with business partners a truthful and wholehearted relation.

  • Dante Porta | C.E.O. Sei Eventi

Before meeting Marco and Zero Pixel we thought that social networks had potential. Thanks to their professionalism, they are now an indispensable resource.

  • Stefano Moretto | C.O.O. Beuchat International

In these years of working together on various fronts, I have always had the certainty of being able to count on Marco and his team, thanks to their availability. The ability to quickly adapt the solution to the request, flexibility and professionalism ensured quality and trust in the collaboration.

  • Marco Lazzari | Country Manager Mares

I have known Marco for many years, his passion is the solid foundation on which he has built competence and knowledge in the marketing world, making him a trusted partner.

  • Fabio Potestà | C.E.O. Mediapoint & Communications

I have known Marco for many years and have always appreciated his competence, loyalty and reliability. A few years ago I began with great satisfaction a working collaboration that I will also confirm for future years.

  • Stefano Politi | C.E.O. Katwalk

A truly multitask partner, as the market currently wants. Concrete answers in both the digital and traditional areas, thanks to Zero Pixel we have increased conversions and reached new customers.

  • Massimo Zarafa | Regional Manager Padi

Marco is one of the best professionals in the marketing and communication sector, with great experience also in the use of social media. Marco is not only professional, available, flexible; he has a real “professional empathy” thanks to which he adapts to different needs, solving any situation. In short… a great professional!

  • Max Valli | C.E.O. OrangeShark D.C. Malta

I’ve known Marco for almost 20 years, when he asked me to collaborate with him 6 years ago, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Our center has always been a partner in all of Marco’s proposals, who has always proved to be an exceptional person. Especially patient with me, given my lack of propensity for technology, his technical preparation and availability has always proved indispensable. Heartfelt thanks to Marco and his collaborators.

  • Elena Rugiati | C.E.O. Metesubacque

Mete Subacque is grateful to Marco and all his staff for the great professionalism, availability and competence they have always shown in their responses to our requests. Their collaboration in corporate marketing strategies represents for us an essential and indispensable element for the achievement of objectives.

  • Massimo Corsico | Architect

Marco is a person with an infallible intuition for business, he excels for correctness and scruple, thanks to his abilities. Nonetheless the personality full of passions and fertile in intelligence. I have always had the opportunity to appreciate and share its values.

  • Carlo Gerolamo Federici | Head of Sales EMEA at Steiner Company International

Marco is a serious, enthusiastic professional with an explosive mind. Constantly and naturally result-oriented, which he achieves thanks to a creative and personal approach. Working with him is always a pleasure.

  • Antonella Fossati | Digital Marketing Manager BPER Banca

Professionalism, proactivity, flexibility and availability. Collaborators who include all these skills are rare, especially among creatives and webmasters. Marco is one of them!

  • Simone Forti | C.E.O. D-Video Production

Marco’s professionalism and his enthusiasm linked to his competence are the qualities that distinguish a successful result!

  • Marco De Grandis | Database Marketing Manager Il Sole 24 Ore

Marco was a brilliant and mind opened analyst while working at Wolters Kluwer. Good work in Sales and Marketing reporting.

  • Cristina Papini | Director Nielsen

Marco is a proactive, determined and problem solving person. He has a strong competence in marketing and technology.

  • Francesca Zambonin | Lawyer

Marco has the very rare quality to succeed in whatever he begins. He has created SP from zero and now it is the most important Italian community of divers and one of the most important in the world.
Ability, skill and fellow feeling are his best qualities and make him the best partner.

  • Andrea Rinaldi | C.F.O. NLMK Verona S.p.A.

Marco is a hardworking, highly motivated, and punctilious in details. He likes projects and he is a person that brings into question. He likes to participate in initiatives. He has a preparation that allows them to achieve goals which aims together with great tenacity.

  • Davide Pedesini | Independent Computer Software Professional

Amazing worker full of energy & ideas.  Explosive & concrete at the same time.

  • Sonia Rodriguez | Team Leader Marketing Loyalty DACH bei Ifolor Group

Marco has always been a very focused and customer oriented business partner, upgrading projects through his innovative ideas. Marco is a very skilled marketer with a profound understanding of the online marketing world. He is a very positive person to work with, delivering on time and always trying to fulfil his customers’ needs.

  • Fabio Gemelli | Client Services Manager at SIA S.p.A.

Smartest guy ever met.

  • Laura Guido | Innovation&Portfolio Manager Wolters Kluwer

Marco brings excellent organizational and communication skills to the job along with a high quality energy level.

  • Genis Dalmau | C.E.O. Hotel Les Illes

Marco is a person always ready to help. Very knowledgeable of his clients and passionate about his work. He always makes the things easy.

  • Roberta Migliarini | President Artema Tecnologie e Sviluppo

Marco is a very good person with I work with. He is very professional, kind and interesting!

  • Sandro Costo | Key Account Manager MacGregor Italy

Marco created the biggest Scuba community for scuba divers in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. With his hard work he overcame with success many difficulties. He’s one of the more eclectic people ever meet, he’s a good friend.

  • Massimo Boyer | C.E.O. Kudalaut

Marco, in few words, is the man who renewed completely the scuba web community in Italy. His ScubaPortal brought in a new wave of creativity and freshness, creating a new community, very active, in a short time.

  • Andrea Bonaccini | Quality Manager Festo

Marco is a highly competent executive with excellent marketing experience and relationship development skills. I worked with Marco on a number of business development projects at Festo S.p.A.. Marco is an innovator, entrepreneur, problem solver, and team builder.

  • Osvaldo Colombo | Business Manager Laboratori Alchemia

Dear Marco, continue your professional career with the speed of interpretation and analysis of the business that belong to you and with your usual availability.

  • Ornella Zampieri | Project Researcher Aligned

Marco is a very nice person to relate with, he works with a great sense of commitment, responsiveness and accountability. It was really a great chance to be colleagues.

  • Cristian Umili | Photographer

Marco is a very capable and precise professional who always achieves the required objectives. working with him is always a pleasure.

  • Alessandro Beltrame | C.E.O. AGV Studio Video

Great ideas and enthusiasm… Very appreciated.