Beyond Marketing blog

by Marco Daturi

Marketing, with its ever-evolving dynamics and constant challenges, will remain at the core of the blog’s content. This is not only because it is my field of specialization but also because it is a vibrant subject that deeply intertwines with our daily lives and societal evolutions. At the same time, the blog will also be a space to explore different themes, reflecting on how my passions intersect with the world of marketing and my life, enriching it with new perspectives and ideas.

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How to choose a scuba diving instructor

Choosing a qualified scuba diving instructor is crucial for safe and enjoyable training. Ensure they have recognized certifications, extensive experience, positive reviews, and a strong focus on safety protocols.

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Bbq and Health

Enjoy a healthy BBQ with lean meats, indirect cooking, clean fuels, and veggies. Avoid charring, use marinades, and keep your grill clean.

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Diving into Fernsteinsee

Embark on an adventure to Fernsteinsee, Austria’s hidden gem. Dive into its clear, emerald waters, explore historic castles, and discover a paradise where nature and history converge in an unforgettable Alpine experience. Perfect for divers and explorers alike!

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