Marco Daturi | About Me

Hello, I'm Marco

Emerged from the warm maternal waters in 1972 under the constraint of an inclement authoritarian doctor, I have always remained very close to the sea that I continue to explore with passion. Having survived the attack of a Ligurian porter crab, the false attentions of ocean sharks, an underwater wedding and the invitations of many instructors to approach technical diving, I continue to live this hobby while having fun with my family and my friends. 

I consider myself a lucky digital native, twenty five years in advance: I have a huge passion for technology and digitization.

My hobbies

Too many passions and too little time for all: underwater photography, motorbike, skiing, mushrooming, barbecuing, travelling and others.

My Work

I work with clients using change marketing for business development.

I have worked for multinationals, professionals and small-medium enterprises managing hundreds of projects in different sectors and dealing personally with strategic and operational marketing in teams.

A few years ago I founded Zero Pixel, what we like to call a small marketing boutique accessible to companies and professionals.

marco daturi in ufficio

”Exploring marketing since 1993. From that year, during university, I started learning in marketing and never stopped."

Marco daturi


  • Doctor in Economics and Commerce | University of Pavia
  • Marketing Lab Master | University of Pavia
  • Sport Manager Master | CONI
  • Web marketing | School of Palo Alto
  • Retail and Category Management | Nielsen Spa
  • Micromarketing | Nielsen Spa
  • GeoMarketing | Nielsen Spa
  • Accounting Controlling | Controller Akademie
  • Project management | School of Palo Alto 
  • Teamwork & Management | School of Palo Alto 
  • Eco-management | University of Pavia
  • PNL basic, PNL advanced | CONI
  • SAP Business Objects Designer | SAP Italy
  • Economy and Finance for Concerns | University of Pavia
  • Fitness instructor | FIF
  • Dive Master | Padi
  • APR Pilot | EASA & ENAC


  • Book: Change Marketing | Libri D’Impresa
  • Book: Scuba 2.0 | Hoepli
  • ScubaZone Magazine | Zero Pixel
  • Cerba Italia Magazine | Cerba HC Italia
  • Book: Scuba Italia |  Magenes
  • Book: I Dive Therefore I Am |  Reef Writers Corporation
  • More than 100 articles for serveral editors
  • 2 workbooks
  • Malta Diving Guide |  Malta Tourism Authority


I thank the journalists who paid attention to me.