Marco Daturi | Publications

My Books

Even though writing has never been a passion of mine, I’ve found some time to do it.

Change Marketing

How to lead the change starting from the revision of the corporate identity.

Marco Daturi | 2022 | Ed. Libri di Impresa

Scuba 2.0

Guide to the new diving. Equipment, training, travel destinations and more.

Marco Daturi | 2009 | Ed. Hoepli

Scuba Italia

Guide to scuba diving in Italy with over 550 diving sites selected by Region.

Marco Daturi | 2016 | Ed. Magenes

I dive

The first of a new format for scuba divers, part of a project for  the reef protection.

Marco Daturi | 2016 | Ed. Reef Writer Corp.

Other publications

I often write articles for blogs and magazines. Some for passion, others for work.
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