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About my book:

My latest publication explaining how to manage change starting from corporate identity review.

228 pages | 4 sections | 3 bonus


"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." C.S. Lewis

They say about the book

Passion and generosity. These are the two words that come most naturally to me to describe Marco Daturi. Marco is a man full of passions: scuba diving, photography, cooking and marketing. He has made the latter his profession, the sector in which he has been operating successfully for over thirty years now.
At a time when society and the world of marketing are evolving too rapidly, this work will be useful to all professionals and entrepreneurs who, like me, are wondering about best practices and strategic changes to be made in order to stay, but above all to be more competitive.

When some time ago Marco told me for the first time about the idea of ​​writing this book, I immediately had no doubts that he would make it happen. I’ve known Marco since we were kids, from the time of my studies to the first working activities without ever losing sight of us even in the recent developments of his professional activities.
What I know about him is that the desire to discover, to compete with the outside world and his determination have always led him to explore new areas and themes, perhaps different from each other, but never in a trivial or superficial way, on the contrary on the contrary, always with a scientific approach, going to “dig” the topic, the discipline or simply the hobby in an analytical and professional way until you get to discover and savor its essence, and understand them, if there is anything more to add, to discover or simply make it your own and share it with others.
And it is precisely this that you will find between the lines of this book: the desire and enthusiasm for research, the agility in changing perspective to get to the heart and essence of the subject to understand it and then start again finding the starting point and the energy to dive back into a new adventure.

Change. Beyond the specific contents where the references and general marketing principles are naturally clear, the book tells precisely of change understood primarily as an evolution of one’s own thinking and perception of the company. It is very usable and quick to read, understandable thanks also to the well-exposed case histories where the guiding matrix of the change-thought successfully applied in reality by the author is highlighted. I highly recommend it especially to freelancers or small entrepreneurs like me who live too immersed in their daily lives and perhaps consider these readings far from their reality. A great starting point to rethink yourself.

In this historical moment of great changes it is really necessary to review our way of running marketing. This book is a good guide in this process.

Interesting book that anticipates the future events of the markets in a completely unexpected way, technical, captivating reading ideas frame this splendid cross-section of the near future

I was looking for help to put my ideas in order on how to renew my method of communicating. Reading Change Marketing I found ideas and a useful work guide. Clear explanations, examples of companies managed directly by the author using his method and in the last pages a workbook to collect ideas and start putting them into practice. Another thing I appreciated is the graphic aspect, the layout is well organized. The use of color, diagrams, infographics and photographs make reading more enjoyable.


About the book

Change is often scary, but it is always necessary to face it also in the workplace both to respond to an impacting event and to avoid fading into the last natural phase of the product life cycle: decline.

Change Marketing is the key tool for guiding this change towards a new route, defined in the strategic vision.

The method for organizing activities primarily sees a preliminary check-up analysis, necessary to have a complete picture of the situation.

This is followed by a review of the corporate identity, which is then operationally based on a series of functional tools for achieving the objectives.

The corporate identity identifies the company’s vision, mission and core values, encompasses its culture, history and skills. He has a well-defined personality and expresses himself with his own image and tone of voice which, together with the value proposition, create the corporate reputation and brand identity perceived by external stakeholders.

The Corporate Identity Matrix Framework is illustrated, a useful working tool for providing a structured and understandable overview of corporate identity, a guide for communication, in order to make the most of corporate identity, assessing its reputational impact towards all stakeholders .

In the book: the corporate identity matrix method.

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