Marco Daturi | My Marketing

30+ years in marketing

I have been supporting clients to push their businesses thru marketing since 1993.

I have firsthand experience with numerous projects across various industries in multiple organizations. I was at the forefront of recognizing inbound marketing, differentiation, and digitization as pivotal catalysts for progress.

To be effective, marketing should be silently lead by planning, built on a solid understanding of customers needs. We should have a clear corporate identity and start planning from a blank sheet.

I started my professional journey while concurrently pursuing my university education, and I have consistently advanced my expertise in marketing, sales, and management control

I started from scretch. After a nine-months-unpaid stage in Nielsen and the military service, I became consultant working for ENI and then continued in multinational companies such as Festo, Wolters Kluwer and Cerba HealthCare.
A few years ago I founded Zero Pixel, what we like to define as an accessible marketing boutique for companies and professionals.

I have a passion for collaborating with small companies and cultivating my own initiatives. This led me to establish Zero Pixel, where I have successfully managed numerous projects in different business fields.

Doctor in Economics, I completed a Marketing post-graduate master in marketing and several specializations in marketing and management.

  • Chief Marketing Officer at Cerba HealthCare Italia
  • Marketing and sales controller at Wolters Kluwer Italia (230+ M€)
  • Marketing management at Festo 
  • Marketing business development at TCI in Europe, Russia and Morocco
  • Founder of Zero Pixel marketing agency
  • Marketing management at Mec Gru
  • Marketing management at SWF Italia
  • Marketing management at KFI
  • Cross selling business operation at Ipsoa Editore
  • Marketing business development at Studio Legale Zambonin
  • Sales and administration management at Festool Italia
  • Sales and marketing development at Infopress
  • Consultant for Jerà Informatica at Eni
  • Founder of ScubaPortal, the leading italian scubadiving media
  • Strategic audit of the setup phase of a new Italian branch for a multinational company (industrial sector – private info)
  • Many other experiences during 30 years of consultancy working on several projects
  • Book: Change Marketing | Libri D’Impresa
  • Book: Scuba 2.0 | Hoepli
  • Founder of ScubaZone Magazine | Zero Pixel
  • Founder of Cerba Italia Magazine | Cerba HC Italia
  • Book: Scuba Italia |  Magenes
  • Book: I Dive Therefore I Am |  Reef Writers Corporation
  • More than 100 articles for serveral editors
  • 2 workbooks
  • Malta Diving Guide |  Malta Tourism Authority
  • Doctor in Economics and Commerce | University of Pavia
  • Marketing Lab Master | University of Pavia
  • Sport Manager Master | CONI
  • Web marketing | School of Palo Alto
  • Retail and Category Management | Nielsen Spa
  • Micromarketing | Nielsen Spa
  • GeoMarketing | Nielsen Spa
  • Accounting Controlling | Controller Akademie
  • Project management | School of Palo Alto 
  • Teamwork & Management | School of Palo Alto 
  • Eco-management | University of Pavia
  • PNL basic, PNL advanced | CONI
  • SAP Business Objects Designer | SAP Italy
  • Economy and Finance for Concerns | University of Pavia
  • Fitness instructor | FIF
  • Dive Master | Padi
  • APR Pilot | EASA & ENAC

My lastest book:

Change Marketing

Navigating Change through marketing: a strategic approach beginning with corporate identity review. 

228 pages | 4 sections | 3 extras

Recent projects

Lately I have been busy with:


“I rarely had come across a standout talent like Marco. Loyal to his colleagues, I have appreciated his open minded approach, as well as his problem solving attitude. Tough worker, forward looking, one of the few that can really walk-the talk."
Alberto Kusmic
“Marco has incredible motivation and insight when it comes to bringing the latest in digital marketing innovations to the global community. He has enabled us to share our goal as an industry leader, to provide outstanding services with great success.”
Hesham Gabr
“Marco was probably the best manager I had in Italy: responsible, results oriented, great teams leader. As a person is even better than as a proffesional. Always happy and with a wonderful smile, is able to transmit good energy to anyone.”
Francisco Leiva Larrucea