MyShot Underwater Photo Contest

Underwater photography transforms the sea into a canvas of intense emotions and untold stories, which only the eyes of a photographer can truly capture and share. With MYSHOT, we aim to open up this fascinating world to everyone, especially those who have not yet discovered the beauty of the ocean depths.

In 2005, I launched the first edition of an underwater photography contest that is now reopening its doors for a new edition.

I invite all diving friends to participate—it will be a fun game, regardless of the rankings.

MyShot Underwater Photo Contest 2024

MYSHOT, the renowned underwater photography contest organized by Zero Pixel, is now open for entries.

Building on the success of previous editions, with over 5,000 participants, the 2024 contest continues to offer a unique opportunity for underwater photography enthusiasts.
This year, participants can express their passion through various contest categories: Scuba Diving is?, Emotions, Close Encounters, Wrecks, and Contrasts.

Participation is free and entirely digital, accessible via the website

Since its debut in 2005, MYSHOT has significantly contributed to the promotion of diving, attracting authors from all over Italy and abroad, establishing itself as a benchmark in the underwater photography scene.

Recognized with the prestigious Top Awards for “prestige, organizational skills, quality level, and contribution to the dissemination of photography and diving activities,” MYSHOT has also received extensive media recognition, including a front-page publication on and coverage in numerous other media in Italy and abroad.

Registrations are open until October 31, 2024.

For more information and to register, visit: