Beyond Marketing blog

by Marco Daturi

Marketing, with its ever-evolving dynamics and constant challenges, will remain at the core of the blog’s content. This is not only because it is my field of specialization but also because it is a vibrant subject that deeply intertwines with our daily lives and societal evolutions. At the same time, the blog will also be a space to explore different themes, reflecting on how my passions intersect with the world of marketing and my life, enriching it with new perspectives and ideas.


Reviving my blog

Reactivating my blog marks an important step in my personal because now on I will invest here part of my time. Invest time, not spend it.

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Malta diving experience: The Orange Shark Adventure

In the Mediterranean, Malta beckons as a premier diving destination, and at the center of this allure is the Orange Shark Dive Center. Nestled within the Ramla Bay Resort in Mellieha, the center offers unparalleled access to the pristine waters of Comino and Gozo.

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