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Beyond Marketing

inspirational and dynamic

Marketing is challenging, interesting and  keeps us going. 
Every day, every project, every relationship. 

Many other passions give me positive life sparks too.


My latest book

Change Marketing

Driving change through marketing: initiating transformation with a corporate identity review. 
228 pages | 4 sections | 3 extras


I mainly listen and read. Occasionally, I write for a few blogs, primarily on topics that reflect my interests.


“I rarely had come across a standout talent like Marco. Loyal to his colleagues, I have appreciated his open minded approach, as well as his problem solving attitude. Tough worker, forward looking, one of the few that can really walk-the talk."
Alberto Kusmic
“Marco has incredible motivation and insight when it comes to bringing the latest in digital marketing innovations to the global community. He has enabled us to share our goal as an industry leader, to provide outstanding services with great success.”
Hesham Gabr
“Marco was probably the best manager I had in Italy: responsible, results oriented, great teams leader. As a person is even better than as a proffesional. Always happy and with a wonderful smile, is able to transmit good energy to anyone.”
Francisco Leiva Larrucea

Work Experiences

I've collaborated with hundred companies, spanning diverse industries, each with its unique requirements. Each experience has enriched me with remarkable stories to share.