Raccolgo qui alcune “raccomandazioni” ricevute su LinkeIn.

Davide Garofalo / Founder and CEO, Xplored Srl – “we make you play”

Marco is the ideal business partner.
He has always been able to follow the needs of my company with strategic view, attention to details, customer care and flexibility of service.
His passion for everything he does, his optimistic nature and his friendly approach complete the description of a perfect business partner.

Marco De Grandis / Campaign & Database Marketing Manager at Il Sole 24 Ore

Marco was a brilliant and mind opened analyst while working at Wolters Kluwer.
Good work in Sales and Marketing reporting.

Carlo Gerolamo Federici / Head of Sales EMEA at Steiner Company International Sàrl

Marco è un professionista serio, entusiasta, e dotato di una mente esplosiva. Costantemente e naturalmente orientato al risultato, che raggiunge grazie a un approccio creativo e personale. Lavorare con lui è sempre un piacere

Cristina Papini / Director at Nielsen

Marco is a proactive, determined and problem solving person. He has a strong competence in marketing and technology.

Claudio Di Manao / Giornalista e scrittore

Conosco Marco Daturi da quando veniva a Sharm el Sheikh. All’inizio non veniva per me, ma per le immersioni. Poi ha cominciato a venire per me. Colpa del Thistlegorm. Poi io me ne sono andato. Lui ha continuato ad andarci. Non sono geloso. Nel frattempo abbiamo maturato un’amicizia e una serie di collaborazioni, elaborato idee insieme. È sempre rimasto lo stesso. Adesso è un po’ più stressato di quando ci parlavamo in costume da bagno in barca. Parlarsi in mutande è unico. Richard Branson riceveva gli intervistatori nella vasca da bagno (non so dire se Richard ce le avesse su). Ovviamente ci siamo rivisti (io e Marco) e abbiamo fatto e pensato tante cose insieme. Lavoro. Ma in fondo anche lo starsene a parlare in mutande in barca per me era lavoro. Marco è un entusiasta coinvolgente. Di sognatori ne ho conosciuti tanti, ma di gente che realizza sogni ben poca. Di gente in cui riporre la fiducia ancora meno. In quasi venti anni mai uno screzio, mai un problema sui pagamenti, sulla puntualità delle consegne. Non so se dovrei dirlo qui, ma Marco è un generoso, uno che tende ad eccedere le aspettative. Ci siamo confrontati spesso sui diversi punti di vista, su vari temi, ma sul pratico, sul da farsi, non c’è mai stato un intoppo. Ci siamo sempre divertiti un sacco. E fatto cose belle. Tutto ciò nonostante fossimo al telefono o sulle email, a volte al pub, ma non in barca… in mutande.

Francesca Zambonin / Owner, Studio Legale ZAMBONIN

Marco has the very rare quality to succeed in whatever he begins. He has created SP from zero and now it is the most important Italian community of divers and one of the most important in the world.
Ability, skill and fellow feeling are his best qualities and make him the best partner.

Andrea Rinaldi / CFO presso NLMK Verona S.p.A.

Marco is a hardworking, highly motivated, and punctilious in details. He likes projects and he is a person that brings into question. He likes to participate in initiatives. He has a preparation that allows them to achieve goals which aims together with great tenacity.

Davide Pedesini / Independent Computer Software Professional

Amayzing worker full of energy & ideas.  Explosive & concrete at the same time.

Sonia Rodriguez / Team Leader Marketing Loyalty DACH bei Ifolor Group

Marco has always been a very focused and customer oriented business partner, upgrading projects through his innovative ideas. Marco is a very skilled marketer with a profound understanding of the online marketing world. He is a very positive person to work with, delivering on time and always trying to fulfil his customers’ needs.

Fabio Gemelli / Client Services Manager at SIA S.p.A.

Smartest guy ever met.

Laura Guido / Innovation&Portfolio Manager, Pricing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Italia

Marco brings excellent organizational and communication skills to the job along with a high quality energy leve

Francisco Leiva Larrucea / Director General en Publicontrol

It´s a great pleasure for me recommend Marco. He was probably the best Regional Manager I had in Italy within the 5 years I managed Ofup Italy.
He was really responsable, results oriented, great teams leader, … After so many years I continue my contact with him and have to say that as a person is even better than as a proffesional. Always happy and with a wonderful smile, is able to transmit good energy to anyone.

Roberta Migliarini / President at Artema Tecnologie e Sviluppo srl

Marco is a very good person with I work with. He is very professional, kind and interesting!

Sandro Costo / Project Manager & Key Account Manager presso MacGregor Italy

Marco created the biggest Scuba community for scuba divers in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. With his hard work he overcame with success many difficulties.
He’s one of the more eclectic people ever meet, he’s a good friend.

Massimo Boyer / Underwater photographer, writer, marine biologist

Marco, in few words, is the man who renewed completely the scuba web community in Italy. His ScubaPortal brought in a new wave of creativity and freshness, creating a new community, very active, in a short time.

Massimo Corsico / Progettista presso Studio d’architettura

Marco è persona dall’intuito infallibile per i business, eccelle per la correttezza e lo scrupolo, forte delle sue capacità. Non dimeno la personalità ricca di passioni e fertile d’intelligenza. Ho sempre avuto modo di poter apprezzare e condividere i suoi valori.

Andrea Bonaccini / Quality manager presso Festo Spa

Marco is a highly competent executive with excellent marketing experience and relationship development skills. I worked with Marco on a number of business development projects at Festo S.p.A.. Marco is an innovator, entrepreneur, problem solver, and team builder.

Osvaldo Colombo / Business Manager at Laboratori Alchemia

Dear Mark, continue your professional career with the speed of interpretation and analysis of the business that belong to you and with your usual availability.

Ornella Zampieri / ALIGNED project Researcher

Marco is a very nice person to relate with, he works with a great sense of commitment, responsiveness and accountability.
It was really a great chance to be colleagues.

Stefano Cuozzo / Controller at Wolters Kluwer

I had the opportunity to work with Marco for a few months. I was impressed by his creativity and out of the box thinking. He is also results driven and open minded to all contributes and new ideas.

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